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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"The people that work there really care about my health."

"The people"

"Knowledge; assistance; people"


"They take the time to answer questions."


"Locally owned"

"Drive-by convenience, and low prices"

"Tim, and the rest of the pharmacy staff, uses an approach that many of the larger commercial pharmacies just don't understand.... PERSONAL SERVICE. TCP knows who you are the moment you pull up into their drive-thru service window, or walk through their door."


"Hometown service!"

"The location and the hours are good. The employees are nice and pleasant."

"The people and service"

"Friendly, and convenient, old fashioned type of pharmacy. Don't have to wait in line to get checked out while someone in front of you is buying their weekly groceries. Y'all always have merchandise that's not found in other pharmacies."

"Great staff; very helpful!"

"There are multiple ways to refill."

"The pharmacists are great - never too busy for questions!"

"How friendly and nice they are."

"I love the personal attention, great customer service, and reliability. Thanks!"

"That you don't have to wait for hours."

"Friendly staff and fast service"

"I love this pharmacy, and everyone in it!"

"Professional, friendly, and kind!"

"Fast and friendly"

"Billie and the other pharmacist are very nice. I have been coming here for many years, followed my parents here, and now my child and grandchildren use TCP too!"

"That the pharmacists are available for questions. We love that we know our pharmacists and they take the time to discuss any possible reactions, or how our medications may affect other medications."

"Very friendly, efficient, and helpful"

"The fast and friendly service!!!"


"Locally owned and operated"

"The staff is very friendly and they go out of their way to help in every possible way. Love this pharmacy! I'll never go anywhere else!"

"Takes the time to know each person."

"Friendly staff, and service"



"That most of the people remember me."

"I am always treated like a family member when getting my prescriptions at this pharmacy."

"Very quick; no lines"

"I know them, and they know me."

"There usually isn't a very long wait, and everyone is friendly."

"The people that work there, and you deliver!"

"They make sure my meds don't have bad interactions with each other. "

"The friendly atmosphere"

"All of it"

"The people"



"They'll have it ready for me."

"The service is good. I trust Tim, the Pharmacist."

"Friendly service"

"Convenience; local; very nice people"

"The people"

"The location is great."

"They always treat me good."

"My Rx cost is much less here than elsewhere. The staff is friendly and helpful. I have no complaints."

"Not only are they friendly and professional, but I can trust them to take care of my pharmaceutical needs."

"It is convenient to my provider location."

"Personal attention - they know me."

"Very friendly"

"Convenient and available daily"

"Best around!"

"Always eager to help"


"Friendly and professional service!"

"The friendly staff!"

"Always willing to serve with a smile!"

"Open every day"

"Great friendly staff. Their hours. I always get my prescriptions that day, or the next day, but usually the day I need them. I never have to worry about getting cut short on my medicine. Very trustworthy people!!"

"I don't have to wait a long time."


"Close to home and my doctors."

"Friendly and caring"

"The people"

"Small; convenient; friendly staff"

"Fast service"

"Local pharmacy; not a chain; across from the St Anthony Clinic; everyone is friendly"

"Tim Barrick"

"It seems everyone knows there job, and they do it quickly, and always with a smile. I have used this pharmacy for about two years now and I will not fill a prescription anywhere else."

"I appreciate this pharmacy working with me to ensure I have my medications refilled whenever I need them."

"Great place; friendly people"

"The Clinic Pharmacy tries their best to work with both our doctors, and their patients, in this adventure we call 'electronic prescribing'."


"Fast and friendly"

"The pharmacists are very helpful."

"Friendly, and fast to refill prescriptions"

"Friendliness of the staff"


"The employees are so nice."

"Works well with the clinic."

"It's close to both my home and work."

"They are always kind to me."

"Amazingly nice and efficient!"


"Tiffany is awesome!!!!"

"Fast, friendly service; very personable"

"The people"

"That they go above and beyond to help you save money."


"The great customer service."

"Fast, friendly, expert service"

"Friendly staff"

"Location, hours, and friendly staff!!"

"Friendly and convenient!"


You can help The Clinic Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!

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